the journey’s just begun, but it’s begun with a purpose.

organic instruments.
we make virtual instrument plugins sampled from real-life instruments.

most instrument plug-ins insensitively hammer away at every single note, but at organic instruments we design products with detail, nuance and character. our goal is to make digital instruments indistinguishable from the physical, to provide composers and artists with the highest quality tools for every composition.

there’s only one person behind the scenes at oi. when you send an email, you’re speaking directly to the developer, and it’s this independence that allows organic instruments to do things differently.

the character and variation in our plug-ins takes your compositions to the next level of realism, but this isn’t the place for reckless self-promotion. download a demo today and experience the difference.

organic instruments
a brand by Jonathan Vardouniotis

close up of a musical instrument

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